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Kenneth Lomiapong is the leader of Lelan Dairy Company in West Pokot County, Kenya


We had an opportunity to meet with Kenneth Lomaipong, a very simple man with jovial mood. His simplicity wouldn’t make anyone to believe he can represent Kenyan farmers in an investment seminar in Texas in September, 2013. Kenneth is the Chairman of Lelan Dairy Company located in West Pokot County in Kenya with almost 2000 farmers. In our quest to interview Lomaipong we met him talking to farmers who had brought milk to Lelan dairy using donkeys as means of transport. This is what he told us.

The fight for lesbian rights in Colombia

The ‘weaker’ sex stands strong in its diversity

Several gay women from Cali, Colombia, are joining together in voice to create awareness and support for their sexual orientation.

Eradicating crime and violence in the communities of Trinidad and Tobago


Michelle is a social entrepreneur working tirelessly to eradicate crime and violence in the communities of Trinidad and Tobago



Collins Nakedi is a down-to-earth youth from a pastoralist community in Kenya. He is dedicated to community work and has four years experience in community development. Being YALI 2015 fellow this is his story.



Emmanuel Kapalamula was born in Malawi. All his life, he has been living with populations that survive on less than a dollar a day. Twenty eight years later, he is doing what has always been his passion. He is working with rural women to improve health and nutrition through his non-profit organization: Nutri-Health Initiative. He is doing so through providing health education and training on establishment and management of vegetable gardens in Lilongwe’s rural districts of Njewa and Kalolo. This is Emmanuel’s story

Jovenal Nsengimana is a young diplomat devoted in community work


Jovenal Nsengimana is a young diplomat who is devoted in community work. He is working in Uganda with UNHCR. Having been born in Rwanda, brought up in Uganda and schooled in Kenya, he is well versed with the challenges that women and young children undergo in life. Out of his busy schedule, this is what he had to say when I interviewed him.

Chief Francis Kariuki is using Twitter to transform his society

The Tweeting Chief

Meet Chief Francis Kariuki from Lanet in Nakuru, Kenya who uses twitter as his greatest weapon to combat crime and solve various issues in his area. The tech savvy chief famously recognized for his peculiar tweeting routine has won himself so many awards including the recent tweep of the year award 2013 from SOMA award.The soft spoken chief who also uses Whatsapp had to say this when we interviewed him.

An interview series focussing on young entrepreneurs for social change

In Focus: Darko Bozinoski

It started with a challenge: a group of IT students from Skopje, Macedonia, wondered how they could break down a huge set of data to make it easily accessable for young students. The result? Climate for Children - a multiply awarded set of interactive multimedia applications that support young students' understanding of climate change through interactive gaming. Team Leader Darko Bozinoski tells us the story behind Climate for Children and his personal motivation to engage for social change.

An interview series focussing on young entrepreneurs of social change

In Focus: Renato Dornelas

React & Change Organization is Brazil's first youth-led and online-driven platform uniting young people to work towards ending gender inequality. We spoke to Head of International Affairs Renato Dornelas to hear the inspiration behind the organization and the progress they have made since forming in 2009.

An interview series focussing on young entrepreneurs for social change

In Focus: Life Needs Internet

Life Needs Internet is an art project about the impact and the rise of digital technology on cultures today. In the latest In Focus interview we spoke to founder Jeroen van Loon whose  project was given distinction at the European Youth Award 2012.
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